Where is Ramsay Street? Where are the studios? Where is Erinsborough High? Which Neighbours star will we meet?

Our tours to  world famous Ramsay Street and to other famous sites of the show, will answer all of these questions and many more! This is truly a must-see for all tourists. Discover the insider secrets, the behind the scenes news, meet the stars or take pictures on the set (when filming is not occurring).

Official Ramsay Street Tour with Star Meeting

See where it all began on fictional Ramsay Street, tucked away in the suburbs of Melbourne. This is the street where the residents of Neighbours live. The TV families may have changed over the seasons...

Official Neighbours Ultimate Tour with 'Exclusive Access'

Everybody needs good neighbours! Welcome to Ramsay Street, where the dramas unfold every day on the set of Australia’s long-running soap opera, 'Neighbours.' On this official tour, see the actual houses and the street...

Explore Melbourne and Victoria with Bunyip Tours

Bunyip Tours are the Operators of The Official Neighbours Tours for the last 20 years and offer an amazing range of tours to the best locations. Visit The Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Wilsons Prom on our award winning tours.

The official tour of the hit TV show!